how to save a dying tree?

Trees are living biological entities. They go through the same life cycle as the rest of us. They live, absorb water & nutrients, grow and eventually die. But the slightest difference is you can actually save the trees from dying if you can detect their condition beforehand. A tree can survive for hundreds of years … Read more

How to stop tree sap after pruning?

Trees are one of the most beautiful creatures of nature. In order to thrive, they need care and attention. Even though they stand still in the hardest of situations, sometimes they also bleed. Just like humans. The blood of trees is known as sap. Different things can cause dripping sap. For example, pruning can sometimes … Read more

Importance of Tree Trimming and Pruning

What is tree trimming? Tree trimming is the process that helps to shape a tree and give it a cleaner outlook. If you leave the trees untouched for a long time, they will turn into something humungous which will look both unattractive and deranged. An overgrown branch is not something healthy for a tree. These … Read more

How to remove a tree?

Maybe your tree is diseased or severely damaged, that you have no other option than to remove it. If you plan to do so, you should keep in mind that removing a tree is not an easy job, especially if you’re not an expert. You will have to be careful while removing it as it … Read more

Why winter is a good time for tree trimming?

trimming a tree

When the weather goes a little rough, trees tend to suffer a lot. Especially during winter, when the surroundings get cold and freezing, trees lose their liveliness, which is why winter and spring are the best time for tree trimming. Taking care of the trees during winter can help you keep your trees alive and … Read more

Pruning Trees in Spring – is it okay to do?

We all love to see the beautiful greenery outside of our house during the spring time, but maybe now you’re starting to see something unpleasant. Do your trees look a little dull? Are you starting to think that your trees have shrubs that need a slight trimming in order to make the garden beautiful again? … Read more

How to Start Tree Trimming Service?

Tree Trimming

Tree trimming is a form of art that needs experience, practice and techniques. Not everyone can master this art and if you are someone who has mastered the art of tree trimming then you are on the right track. Establishing a business in this area would give you a stable income source especially if you … Read more

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