What is a Pole Saw? The Definition, Types and Uses!

Have you heard about this fantastic tool called a pole saw? If you are unfamiliar with this tool then you’ll be more than amazed once you finish reading this article.

If you love gardening then you must know what a saw looks like. A pole saw is just like any other saw with a detachable pole. This tool is commonly used for cutting branches and vines of a tree. You can do a lot more things with the help of this tool. If you want to know more about pole saw, make sure you read it till the end.

What is a pole saw?

A pole saw is a tool used for trimming trees. They are usually power generated but you will find the non-powered ones too. Often, the powered pole saws are run by electricity or gas. On the other hand, non-powered ones have an extra attachment called a pruning saw that helps the user to trim properly.

Types of Pole Saws

Let’s have a look into different types of pole saws:

1. Electric pole saw: The electric pole saws have their popularity because of the automatic system and easy function. This type takes the least time and money to clean your yard.

2.Gas-Powered Pole Saw: This type is usually used by professionals to do heavy-duty jobs.

3. Tree Pruner Pole Saw: They are used to cut higher branches.

4. Hydraulic Pole Saw: It is used to cut forests and roadside trees.

5. Corded Pole Saw: Corded saws are quite amazing as they don’t require any battery or charging.

6. Cordless Pole Saw: These are lightweight and easily carryable but require charging of an hour.

What can you do with a pole saw?

The main agenda of using a pole saw is to cut the vines and branches of a tree. Other than that, you can use this tool for various purposes.

Different Uses of Pole Saw and the Benefits they Offer

Trimming the branches of a tree

Trimming the branches of a tree and making it appear neat all the time is a really tough job. But when you have a pole saw, this job becomes much easier. You can cut the shrubs, bushes, branches, and all the unnecessary bits within a blink of an eye. Its a mandatory saw to have if you want to start a tree trimming business

The entire scenario of cutting higher branches of a tree is very risky when you use a lopper or a backsaw. A lopper is a branch cutter that is typically used for cutting the branches of smaller plants. To avoid this hazardous situation, you can a pole saw. It will help you achieve a well-groomed look without having an accident.

Removing the unwanted parts

It often happens when a beautiful tree in your garden suddenly looks dull. The reason behind this is the unwanted branches which first of all disrupts sunlight from entering to your house and secondly, it makes the tree look lifeless. In order to bring the tree back to life, you will have to trim the dead parts.

You need to trim the tree so that it can have the proper sunlight to grow and stay healthy. If the branches become enormous, it will block its own source of growth. A good trim helps the trees to stay healthy. A pole saw helps you get the clean cut every time.

Keeping the trees healthy

The most common method of keeping the trees lively is to trim the dead branches. There is another way other than trimming which is known as pruning. You will need to prune the trees once a year because, after every winter, trees end up with dead vines. Think like this, your trees are just like your hair. Once in a while you will have to cut the split ends to ensure proper growth of your hair. Just like that, your trees also need to get rid of the dead vines to bloom nicely. Pruning at the beginning of every summer ensures the healthy growth of a tree. By using a pole saw, you can prune without facing any difficulties.

Another reason behind pruning is it lets the tree enjoy every bit of its energy because dead limbs tend to soak up all the energy. As a result, the remaining healthy parts don’t get the necessary energy. Pruning can be quite time-consuming if you don’t use the correct tool and the right tool for this job is a pole saw. You can also use a fret saw. Now you might ask what is a fret saw? A fret saw is mostly used for delicate trimming, you can have a precise cut by using this tool.

Cutting the bushes from a distance

If you don’t cut the bushes of your garden, they might end up taking a huge space from your yard. Besides, insects and other animals like snakes tend to hide out in these bushes. So you will have to cut them from time to time and you’ll have to do it from a safe distance. If you use a pole saw, it will ensure that you have a safe distance from the heavy bushes.

Just like shaping the bushes you can also use a saw to shape things made out of metal, but in this case, you will have to use a portable band saw or a hole saw.

Clearing the mess caused by a disaster

There’s a type of pole saw known as the hydraulic pole saw. This type of pole saws is used in cleaning the streets and roads after a major calamity hits. Whenever a natural disaster like a storm or tornado hits an area, trees tend to fall in the middle of a road and affect the regular life of general people. Hydraulic pole saw helps to quickly remove this blockage and bring everything back to normal. Other than that, you can use a hacksaw or different types of hand saws to do this job.

Bottom Line

A pole saw may seem insignificant to you but once you start using it, you’ll understand its value. Usually cleaning a garden can take quite a number of hours depending on the size but a pole saw will help to do it in a very short time. The best part is, anyone can use this tool as it’s extremely simple and straightforward. Thus, a pole saw is absolutely necessary especially if you have a garden.