How to Remove a Tree? (Easiest Process)

Maybe your tree is diseased or severely damaged, that you have no other option than to remove it. If you plan to do so, you should keep in mind that removing a tree is not an easy job, especially if you’re not an expert. You will have to be careful while removing it as it can fall and damage the surroundings. But that certainly doesn’t mean that you’ll need an expert to do it. If you take all the safety measures, then you’ll be able to do it all by yourself. Make sure you read till the end to find out how to remove a tree safely.

Why remove a tree from your garden or lawn?

There are several reasons when it comes to removing a tree from your garden or lawn. They are:

Protecting the safety of the trees

When a tree gets older, it gets weaker. The branches or limbs are more fragile and can fall at any time. These older trees have a higher risk of causing accidents. If a tree like this is too close to your house, then you should attempt removing it.

If you have an old diseased tree around you, then the thought of removing it is correct. Because whenever a storm or wind hits, these trees are the ones to fall and cause an accident.

Giving the yard a more excellent look

Besides providing us the oxygen to live, trees play a pretty important role in making a place beautiful and attractive. But if a tree is diseased or severely damaged, it ruins the aesthetic of your landscape. So, removing a cracked, overgrown or damaged tree is a better option for both the aesthetic and safety of the area.

If a tree is diseased or dying

No one likes to see their plant dying, and removing a plant that you’ve grown for so long can be quite tricky. But if you keep a dying plant, it will only damage the surrounding. Besides, a dead or dying tree is hazardous. On the other hand, if your plant has a fatal disease that can’t be cured, then removing it is the only option left for you as that disease can affect all the other plants.

Keeping the insects and diseases away

A lot of the time, trees attract insects like snails, beetles, ants, mealybugs, etc. You can undoubtedly use pesticides to remove these bugs, but if one of your trees is captivating these insects, it’s better to remove that tree. Because sometimes pesticides don’t work that effectively.

Different ways of removing trees from garden or lawn

Before you know the methods of removing a tree, you should see the difference between lawn and garden. A lawn is a place that is covered by grass and other sturdy plants. On the other hand, a garden is a preplanned area where you’ll be able to cultivate and plant trees for your own pleasure. Trees in a lawn are usually short in height.

You can remove a tree in various methods. Here are some of the easiest ways of removing a tree from your garden or lawn:

Method 1: Removing a Big Tree

Step 1: Wear all the safety gears (gloves, goggles, ear protection, helmet, etc.) to avoid any unwanted accidents.

Step 2: Make sure the area around the tree is cleaned. Aware of all the people before starting to remove the tree. Measure the height and ensure that no one comes near to the equivalent area of the height.

Step 3: Before you start cutting the tree, find out that in which direction you want the tree to fall. Once you’ve decided that, try cutting in a way that will fall towards that.

Step 4: Keep your escaping paths clear. Make a plan in your head that if the tree doesn’t fall according to your estimation, in which direction you’ll go. You should always prepare plan B as anything can happen at any time.

Step 5: Start from one side and try to cut at an angle. Your position should be close to the tree where your one shoulder (left preferably) would touch the tree. Cut at 70 degrees towards the direction you’re aiming. Keep on cutting till you reach one-fourth of the diameter.

Step 6: After that, keep your cutting tool at a horizontal level and make a flat cut backward. You should cut across from the tree. You should stop once you’ve reached one-tenth of the diameter. Always try to keep a small joint as it will give you the power to control the fall of the tree.

Step 7: Once you’ve completed step 6, run away in the direction you’ve planned. Make sure you’re away from the area. After you have kept a small joint, take out your cutting tool and move towards the escaping path. Stay away from the area till the tree is completely fallen. In case the tree starts falling towards your direction, take plan B and move towards the other side.

Method 2: For Removing a Small Tree

If the tree is small then remove the plant in this method.

Step 1: Damp the soil 24 hours before removing the plant. If the soil is soft, it will be easy for you to dig the plant out of it.

Step 2: Take out the upper portion of the soil covering the root. Remove as much as you can; stop when you’ve reached the root balls. A root ball is a circle of roots that can be replanted. Usually, if a plant is 2.5 cm, the root ball will be around 25 to 30 cm.

Step 3: Use a hand shovel to remove the roots. Try to mold the roots in a circular shape with your hands so that it becomes a root ball. If the plant is too damaged, you can skip this. You can simply remove the plant. If you want to replant it, then carefully cut the excessive roots. Make sure you’re not cutting too much. Then plant the root ball in your desired area.

Tools and equipment to use while removing a tree

  • Goggles
  • Gloves
  • Earmuff (ear protector)
  • Helmet
  • Boots (it should have support on the ankle area)
  • Rip Saw or axe
  • Spade
  • Hand shovel
  • Stump remover (chemical)
  • Gunnysack
  • Stump grinder
  • Pipe

These are some of the tools that you’ll need to remove a tree.

Bottom line

In order to remove a tree safely, you’ll need to know all the right techniques. It’s not that difficult, but it’s certainly quite dangerous. So, make sure you’ve read all the instructions carefully. Take all the safety measures before starting to cut the tree. If you’ve followed the steps properly, hopefully, you would end up with a clean and beautiful-looking garden. 

Removing a tree stump can be a hard job too. You can read the study on removing it with charcoal which can an easy task if the procedure is followed properly. 

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