How to Stop Tree Sap after Pruning Easily?

Trees are one of the most beautiful creatures of nature. In order to thrive, they need care and attention. Even though they stand still in the hardest of situations, sometimes they also bleed. Just like humans. The blood of trees is known as tree sap. Different things can cause dripping sap. For example, pruning can sometimes cause this bleeding. Let’s find out more about tree sap and also how to stop trees after pruning.

What is tree sap?

The sap of a tree is often packed with nourishing elements and minerals. In simple words, the blood of a tree is known as sap which helps to flow the energy and nutrients to all the limbs and branches of the tree. It keeps the old branches alive and the new branches growing. Maybe you are already familiar with these dripping sap as they are very common.

Different elements of a sap

Tree sap has multiple nourishing elements like water, hormones, minerals and so on. Sometimes sap contains sugar which helps a tree to flow all the nutrients to its branches. Even though saps tend to frighten or disgust people, they’re very important for a tree. Tree pruning is important as well; therefore, should be trimmed regularly.

Why do trees generate sap?

Even though saps are a good thing for a tree as it keeps it alive, but whenever we see dripping sap, we become worried as it’s also an indication that the tree is having some trouble. Dripping sap is a symbol of sickness, insects, or injury. Sometimes insects like bark beetle can cause a tree to drip as they tend to lay eggs within the inside layer of a tree. To avoid these types of dripping, you’ll need to use proper medication. If you keep a sap just like it is, it will cause further damage to a tree.

The way our veins and blood vessels carry blood to our entire body, sapwood carries sap to tree’s branches and limbs. It also processes carbon dioxide. There is quite some time when the carbon dioxide within the tree’s body tends to create pressure that eventually comes out through a cut.

So, it doesn’t necessarily mean that pruning will cause a tree to drip. Sometimes heat or pressure also causes a tree sap. After winter is over, the temperature fluctuates and changes a lot which causes a tree to sap. At the beginning of spring, the temperature takes a huge curve that creates pressure inside a tree. This pressure eventually leads the tree to bleed. So, in that time, if there’s any cut or opening, the sap will come out.

In the colder seasons, when the temperature is quite low, trees carry water through their roots which helps them refill their sap. This is a cycle that carries on until the weather comes back to usual.

Can pruning cause tree sap?

Pruning particularly doesn’t cause a tree to drip. But if the pressure caused by heat or anything else is already built up inside a tree, it looks for an opening or a cut. Pruning gives that opening as a result the sap comes out. So, if you’re tree is dripping after pruning it, maybe it was already bleeding from inside. Pruning gave the sap an opening to come out. You can certainly take some measures to stop the sap.

How to stop tree sap after pruning?

There are some ways by which you can stop a tree from flowing sap. For instance, you can use a pruning saw, chainsaw, backsaw, rip saw and sharp shears to remove the branches. You can also cut the limbs that already have dripping sap.

Arborists recommend pruning the trees in the fall or spring. As the temperature in these seasons is much more stable and suitable for pruning. If you prune during the winter or summer, it may cause excessive dripping which might eventually kill a tree. Here are some of the ways through which you can stop tree sap.

Put pruning sealant

Pruning sealant is one of the most amazing things that are extremely important for a tree. It’s like an antiseptic for a tree. Dripping can be caused by anything, but you can simply stop it by applying a little bit of pruning sealant. You will find it in your nearest home store. They usually come is in a spray aerosol bottle or a liquid form that can be applied with a brush.

You can use any of this. Pruning sealant usually seals the area which stops the tree from dripping. After pruning, apply a little bit of pruning sealant on the dripping branch. Let it dry, once it’s dried, the tree won’t drip anymore.

Put insecticides or pesticides

Besides applying sealant, you can also put a little bit of insecticide on the dripping branches. Because a lot of insects and bacteria will attack the dripping limbs as they carry nutrients and minerals. If you don’t do anything about it, these insects will create a hole which will eventually lead to more dripping sap.

There are different types of pesticides like soap sprays, Diatomaceous Earth, Milky Spore, Iron Phosphate, Neem Oil, Pyrethrum and so on.

Neem oil is quite amazing when it comes to removing insects. You can also dilute neem oil and make your own spray. This will protect your tree from any kind of pests.

Keep patience

Even after doing all the above things, your tree might still be dripping. So, the best thing you can do is to be patient through the entire process and wait for the tree to stop dripping sap. The above measures will eventually stop the tree from dripping.

Bottom Line

Dripping tree sap is quite serious so if you’re worried about seeing your trees drip then you are not wrong. It can be caused by a lot of things. Try to find the root cause behind the dripping of your tree. If you can find out the actual reason, you’ll be able to cure your tree. If it’s too difficult for you, you can also consult an arborist or an expert. Try following the above measures and be patient. Your trees will be healthy in no time.